A photo of RK smiling and leaning on a table. Their fist is supporting their head and they are wearing a blue and green flannel.

RK Wilde

Podcaster, Award-Winning Performer, Pro-GM, Safety Consultant, Event Organizer, StreamerRK Wilde (they/them) is a South Asian, Queer Nonbinary Person in the TTRPG Industry. They've created two podcasts: Prism Pals (ended) and Fear In Living Color (in production). They have written for the Gold Bestseller Unbreakable Vol. 1 and The Rumor Broker's Ledger of Names. RK has organized two charity events, FCRD and Pride Brunchathon. They've also run and participated in many different AP productions, including the New Jersey Web Fest 2023 award-winning GUDIYA and Shoot Your Oneshot 2022.